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iHire Job Wrap

Designed with companies with consistent hiring needs in mind, Job Wrap’s automation allows you to post all of your jobs to iHire without any extra effort.

Enjoy easy and cost-effective recruiting
Reach thousands of active and passive candidates
Target candidates in our industry-specific communities

How Does Job Wrapping Work?

Job wrapping is a process that captures job ads from an employer's website and automatically posts them to a job board or select group of external sites.

Eliminate Duplicate Work

Post a job once and it will be visible in multiple places.

Get Top-Notch Customer Support

Your Customer Success Manager will ensure your ads get qualified traffic.

Find the Right Hire Quickly & Easily

Reach a unique talent pool you can't find on any other site.

Engage Industry-Focused Job Seekers

Work with the top career-oriented platform powering 50+ industry-specific sites.

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Save Time & Money with Seamless Integration

No more manually posting job opportunities to dozens of sites one by one. With Job Wrap, simply provide an XML feed and let iHire do the rest.

Don't have an XML feed? No problem! We can capture the listings you want to advertise from your career site or ATS. Just supply the URL.

Access Talent You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Job seekers come to iHire for our industry emphasis, intuitive and helpful tools, and easy-to-use job search experience. They're motivated, they're qualified, and they're ready to join your team.

The quality of candidates on iHire means it will take less resumes to find the right hire.

Get Support from a Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Just because Job Wrap automatically captures and posts your jobs doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

Every Job Wrap client gets their own Customer Success Manager — a Certified Recruiting Specialist who understands job seeker behavior and will help drive qualified traffic to your job ads.

Job Wrap Resources

To speak to an account manager about your Job Wrap needs, please call (877) 316-3696.

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