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Thinking of Coming Out of Retirement? Follow These 5 Steps

As the economy struggles to get back on track, many older adults are thinking about coming out of retirement and taking a job. The added income can help retirees live more comfortably. Even older adults who are financially secure find that going back to work after retirement provides added fulfillment to their lives. Working at any age contributes to their overall sense of happiness, connectedness with others, and feeling of accomplishment.

However, coming out of retirement is a big step and can feel overwhelming. If you are one of these older adults considering returning to work after retirement, you may wonder where to begin.

These five tips will assist you with securing a post-retirement job.


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Polish and Streamline Your Resume

You’ll need a strong and strategically formatted resume for returning to work after retirement.

Check your resume for additional jobs, training, certifications, and other experience you’ve gained since it was last written, and remove dates and details for positions held 15+ years ago to protect yourself against ageism. Highlight skills, experience, and achievements that align with the types of jobs you’re applying for and take anything out that is outdated or no longer relevant.

If you have a significant gap in your career timeline due to retiring, you can cover it briefly with a short line such as, “Took hiatus from professional career from 2021–2022; fully prepared to return to the workforce.”


Search for a Job Strategically

As you begin your search for a job, you need to use every resource and tool to find where the jobs are. Be sure to access available jobs using online job boards and social networking sites. Keep your own social media profiles up to date so recruiters can find you as well.

When going back to work after retirement, you may search for jobs by industry, category, full- or part-time opportunities, and more. This can help narrow down your search so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too many job choices that aren’t a good fit.

Remote work for seniors over 65 is another viable option because it allows you to stay at home while earning extra money. This setup may be ideal for seniors who have a family member at home that needs their attention or wants to avoid commuting.


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Consider the Salary  What is the Job Worth?

When searching for a job, it’s important to think about the salary. Even though you may have a retirement income from various places, you still want to ensure that you’re receiving a fair amount for your compensation. Before applying for a job, take time to research salaries so you are sure to receive the right amount and don’t undersell yourself. Keep in mind, though, that you may not be possible to earn the same amount as you did in your most recent position. Determine the lowest-possible salary you’d accept and list out other perks that matter to you, like medical benefits, paid time off, and flexibility.


Prepare for the Interview

Going on an interview is part of the process of obtaining the job you want. For those who are just coming out of retirement, it can take some preparation to get back into the swing of doing one. Additionally, there are different methods of interviewing, such as virtual interviews and one-way video interviews. Whatever style of interview you participate in, you can prepare by:


Know the Rules of Income for Retirees

You may wonder, how many hours can you work after retirement? It’s important to get the details, so your additional income won’t affect your retirement income.

According to the Social Security Administration, the determining factor is your age – not how much you make or how many hours you work after retirement. If you are at the retirement age of 67, your social security benefits won’t be affected by working. If you are younger than 67, there are some guidelines on how much you can make. You can check with your local Social Security Administration office for further information.


Using these tips, you can move forward to find a job after retirement. Take the appropriate steps to prepare yourself and land a fulfilling, stimulating, and lucrative job in your older years!

By iHire | May 24, 2022
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